• Sarah Bewick

Did you attend Stamperama Harrogate?

If you did then firstly thank you so much. We were completely overwhelmed by the number of people that attended which brings me to my second point - we offer our sincerest apologies.

Although advance ticket sales were good they were in no way indicative of the number of people that actually turned up.

Being our first Stamperama in Harrogate this was a test show to see if it would work and if it was needed in the area. Had we known the volume of people that would arrive we most definitely would have been better prepared with a lot more staff, as would our exhibitors who would have known to bring more stock.

We have been organising Stamperama in Stevenage for 21 years and had one of our busiest shows in years last weekend which we had predicted and been ready for.

But Harrogate took us completely by surprise, which I know some of you could tell.

As soon as an issue was raised with the car parks 3 parking attendants were sent outside, but with 1,000 parking spaces outside the Pavilions we had not anticipated any issues as we expected this to be ample space - we were wrong and we apologise for any problems you may have encountered.

I appreciate everyone that came to thank Vicky and I personally for organising the event, your support was very gratefully received and we are so pleased that you had a wonderful day and we hope everyone else was able to enjoy the day too and buy lots of crafting goodies.

We are extremely grateful to everyone that supported this show - the visitors, the exhibitors, HOCHANDA and the Pavilions of Harrogate staff and we promise to be better prepared next time - on that note if you are able to help us next time with checking tickets, etc then please let me know as we obviously need a lot more staff (maybe if you have a partner that drives you to the show but isn't a crafter they could work while you shop!)

We are looking at different options for the next Stamperama Harrogate show:

  • Ticket only

  • Bigger hall

  • 2 day event

Obviously some of these have big cost implications and we would have to increase ticket prices and stand prices for exhibitors if we move to a bigger hall or make it a 2 day event so all options will be carefully considered.

Again, thank you for visiting Stamperama and we hope to see you at the next show.

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